Earlier locksmiths are mainly recognized for securing residential and commercial related areas and simply saying in those areas where steady property-based security is needed. Now locksmiths mainly of both professional and local categories also get involved within the auto sector. As all know a vehicle is not considered under the category of steady property and for getting a safe and steady travel experience locksmiths to involve themselves in such areas. In the auto sector, a locksmith is active for securing four-wheeler vehicles the most, and in every four-wheeler vehicle, security is mainly applicable on the doors of the vehicle, mainly for the motive of blocking unauthorized entries.

Locksmith Oceanside is not in the favor of using complete automatic locks for securing doors of the vehicle they believe in creating a semi-automatic atmosphere by using the manual lock as a backup system along with an automatic electronic locking system. After securing the car door lock locksmith also handle the security of the ignition-based locking system.