Majority of locksmiths have stated that the common public needs to be made conscious of the uses of these keys as well as how they are made. Due to most burglaries that take place by utilizing of these kinds of keys, public can protect themselves and residences against break-in. However, advance security locks have been devised in order to stop a burglar from entering into offices and homes through the doors. But that still won’t stop a burglar from entering as they will find a different means if they are determined enough.

Locksmith New York make use of bump keys as this is the tool of their job and the keys are competent to unlock majority of any usual lock, which is unbelievable particularly when you have locked yourself out of your house or place of work. Regrettably due to burglars being competent to now have these keys made up people have to take extra preventative measures and set up locks that are bump key challenging.


There are providentially locks now being made that are intended to get rid of the use of these keys. There are also unique lubricants which can be sprayed into the locks which avoid these types of keys from opening the lock. In order to completely protect yourself and your residence it is wise to set up electronic keypads as you don’t need a key to physically unlock the doors which makes sure no one can use a bump key.