The interchangeable core-based locking system is the unique or different kind of concept introduced by locksmiths for fulfilling the objective of solving lock wastage kind of issues. Generally, in a day-to-day busy schedule, people found difficulty in managing things, and in between all this, they develop inside of them the habit of losing things and in which the loss of vehicle or the property keys is on the topmost form. People went through this kind of situationon a wide scale. As all know a lock without its keys are nothing but a piece of metal which hold zero utility and to overcome such kind of issues locksmith came up with the concept of interchangeable core-based locking system. In this system double keys are used first is for a primary operation like actual locking unlocking and the other one is for removing and replacing the inner core of the lock with a new one. It is a different concept and professional locksmiths like locksmith elizabeth nj promote such kind of locking system at a higher level.