Residential locksmiths are experts servicing confidential possessions, providing their owners with keys, locks and security systems. They manufacture, install, repair and maintain locking systems, being also able to legally break into someone’s house, without using the original key to the house.

Usually, homeowners contact a residential locksmith astoria when they remain locked out of their house and realize the keys are inside the house, or worse, lost. That is why the most common tools used by locksmiths are represented by lock picking tools. Lock picking is the procedure of unlocking a locked door without using the original key.

Usual places used for lock picking contain a snake rake, hook pick, key turner and tension wrench. The snake rake is a utensil that permit the locksmith to pick pins very with no trouble, the hook pick is a hard and curved tool designed to break into a rough outside, the key turner is a long bar that helps the locksmith unlock blocked doors and the tension wrench is an L-shaped tool that uses its torsion capability to hold pins in position.

Another set of tools used by any professional residential locksmith is the rekeying kit that contains all the necessary tools that enable locksmiths to remove the old lock cylinder and create a new one.