Some of the most advance and superior locks of all category introduced by locksmiths are padlocks, rim mortise locks, pin tumbler locks, knob locks, lever handle locks, interchangeable core-based locking system, deadbolt locks, biometric solutions, personal identification number based locking system, card swipe technology-based locks, central locking system, ignition security-based locking system and in the category of lock accessories, locksmith introduces door and window jammers, zip locks, thumb rotating lock knob and many other. All the above-mentioned locks are currently used by the locksmith mainly on the large scale and in this category, all types of locks from high pricing to low pricing are mainly included.

Locksmith Boston mainly deals with electronic locks and they never believe in relying completely on locks for security, according to them for maintaining security better they introduce some special equipment mainly in the form of surveillance cameras and sensors for upgrading the security of the place to the next level.