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5 cool crafts you can do with old keys

Now a day’s DIY activities are becoming very popular amongst today’s society and it has no wonder why. The internet has great resources for ways to create, recreate and repurposing things. The one thing which people are starting to catch on to is the repurposing the keys- old and new. Some of the ways are given below which you can repurpose some of your old keys. Wind chimes For winds chimes all you have to do is that you need for this project is about twenty keys some of the keys for a small eye hooks a piece driftwood, and some of the fishing line. You can use your fishing line to tie your keys at a variety of levels and then attach them to the driftwood using the small eyehooks. Key box In a key box you can keep your old keys by which you can store your old memories or a great way to wrap a gift to give to a loved one. In this key box you can keep your old letters, old pictures and many more things. Key jewelry There are lots of ways in which you can go with this, you may have seen lots of designs for a key necklaces, bracelets and earrings and they will all fairly simple. You should be creative and you should try something...