A padlock is one of the most popular lock locksmiths are using for securing residential properties. There is no fixed rule that you can use padlocks only within the residential areas, it is quite reliable for the commercial sector also. Padlocks are handy and there is no need for their installation within the door, such locks are designed to work by hanging outside of the door with a locking hinge. Padlocks are available in three different variants first is the keyed padlocks, the second is the combination padlocks and the third one is the interchangeable core padlocks. Out of all these three category combination locks are highly popular. It is the first-ever locking system with a keyless entry mechanism. It is easy to gt padlocks from the nearest hardware stores and for any query or doubt feel free to ask locksmith cleveland about them. They are professional and hold better knowledge about the functioning of the locking system.