The demand for a locksmith within the market is varied based on the condition of the society in which a locksmith is available. Simply saying that if the locksmith is working in an area where the majority of people belong to the middle class and below that in that case it is difficult for professional locksmiths to be get hired because it is somewhere true that locksmiths of the professional category are expensive in comparison with others. This is the reason that in such areas the demand for local locksmiths is higher and along with that independent category of locksmiths is also available. Both such locksmiths are cheap and never compromise with the quality of the service. Locksmith Potomac MD is an example of a local locksmith and they are specialized in providing quality services at affordable prices. Some people create a myth about local locksmiths that they are not genuine and work only for profit but this is absolutely the wrong interpretation of locksmiths made by them.