Lockpicking practices are the most common in between the locksmith profession. Today locksmith can pick any type of lock by using their most precious lock picking tools. With the help of appropriate tools, a locksmith can easily open every door within just a few minutes. Anyone other than locksmith can easily perform such activity by doing just ten minutes of practice, but it is illegal to do so without any supervision from an authentic locksmith. Various tools used by locksmith brooklyn for lock picking are plug spinners, it is used for repositioning plug to its actual unlocking stage.

Computerized pick, such type of technique is applied for unlocking a combination based locking system. It can configure different types of pins and disc patterns.

Tension wrench, there are three types of tension wrench light, medium, and rigid. They are handy and mostly used for picking padlocks and deadbolt series of locks.

Key extractor, it is the special tool which is narrow and can easily enter any keyhole for bringing half-broken key outside.