There are various types of manual locks locksmiths are using some are padlocks, cam locks, knob locks, deadbolt locks, and mortise locks. All these locks are unique and used fora specified purpose. Padlocks are best, used for securing lockers, drawers, and trash units. For interior doors knob lock suits well. For external door security, deadbolt locks are the best. Mortise locks are used for securing commercial doors, entry glass doors, and apartment doors. Locksmith Garland in addition to the above-mentioned locks uses interchangeable core padlocks locks for securing interior doors. Lever handle lock is an addition to the above-mentioned locks accepted by the hotel industry.A padlock is the maximum time used to lock. It is of older concept still are used by a locksmith with some modifications. A deadbolt lock is the most secure and the strongest lock best for securing the primary doors. It is available in single and double cylindrical variants.