In smart lock technology locksmith use some most famous series of locking which is named biometric solutions, personal identification number-based locking system, card swipe locking system, and many other censors specified locks. All the above-mentioned locks hold some unique kind of properties regarding their design or construction and also in terms of their working. All such locks accept different methods or a different way of inputs. The best thing about smart locks is that they show very fewer error rates while functioning in comparison to the manual locking system. There should be no doubt that locksmiths are going to promote the concept of smart locking at a higher rate and abolish the use of a manual locking system. According to the locksmith bethesda modern or smart locking system is the future of the modern world and as quickly as people accept this, life becomes easy for them. locksmiths always prefer to hold the hands of their clients regarding security maintenance and they know a single mistake from their side can cause serious security issues in the life of clients.