What Are The Techniques That Are Involved In Lock Picking?

Another name of locks picking technique is lock bumping. This is one of the popular methods used by burglars. As it is one of the easiest ways to break someone’s home. Here are some of the ways through which you can prevent lock bumping happening in your home.

Some General Facts about Lock Bumping

Locksmith sees a lot of cases on a regular basis of lock picking and hence provides certain tips on how to prevent the entry of unknown guests in your home. This is a much popular trick used by burglars to enter someone home as they don’t need to break something to get an access in someone’s home. This technique works on applying little pressure on the key and it results in the lock becoming accessible.


  • Through this technique the burglar can get access to your home within few minutes.
  • 95% of the locks being sold in hardware stores are vulnerable to lock bumping
  • Little bit of knowledge in the lock bumping process will help them to get access in someone’s home.
  • Key bumping sets are easily available in market and within few bucks anyone can buy them.

Ways to Prevent Lock Bumping

There is no way to predict when you need an emergency service; however there are some steps to avoid them. Locksmith cutler bay will explain number of ways to stop lock bumping so as to make your home or business a safe place. An easy way to protect your home would be by fixing chain latch to your exterior doors. This will not modify your lock’s vulnerability to bumping, but it offers an extra layer of security and deterrence against intruders entering your home.

Changing your locks and security devices is a best solution to root your locks to be safer. Certified locksmith Cutler Bay are able to provide persuade changes so as to provide better security solutions. This is an advanced solution that’s costs effective, as opposed to changing your locks.