Padlocks are one of the most popular categories of locking systems, locksmiths use them for maintaining stable home security. It is a century-old concept style till in use with timely modifications. Regarding its design and working a padlock locking system is available in three different variants first is the keyed padlocks, the second is the combination pattern-based padlocks and the third one is the interchangeable core padlocks. All three are different in design but common in terms of the working mechanism. Padlocks work upon a spring mechanism which means for lifting the internal pins a spring is placed within the lock body. Padlocks are best suitable for securing internal house doors.Locksmith Columbus Ohio suggests using interchangeable core locks on large scale. Interchangeable core lock is the unique concept of locking introduced by the locksmith to tackle the problem associated with the keyed padlocks. You can easily get padlocks from the nearest hardware store.