A padlock is one of the most popular locks introduced by locksmiths. It is a century-old concept still in use with timely modifications. In the earlier century, there is only one series of padlocks available, which follows keyed mechanism but there are three different categories of padlocks are available in the market for use. The three different categories of padlocks are keyed padlocks, combination padlocks, and interchangeable core padlocks. All are best and are suggested by locksmiths to use at different locations. For office security keyed padlocks are best suitable. In this system, each office employee is handed over with a definite key for entering the office premises. For home security, combination padlocks are best. In this system there is no need to carry a physical key, you just need to match the code sequence mentioned on the lock body and the system allows you to get inside. Locksmith Redan suggests using padlocks in all those areas where security is at risk.